Author: Matt Killen, PGA & Bud Cauley

11/28/2018 at 4:03 pm

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Choosing The Right Club For Chipping


Matt Killen's keen interest in the inner workings of the golf swing manifested itself in near obsessive behavior. For the better part of a decade, young Matt collected almost every swing sequence in his favorite golf magazine, dissecting each one and comparing it to the others.

Kellen has worked with tour players Chad Campbell, J.B. Holmes, Shaun Micheel and Josh Teater Kenny Perry and most recently with Bud Cauley.

PGA Tour Player Bud Cauley's journey through golf began at the age of six when his father handed Bud a golf club. From there he went on to win junior tournaments and eventually led Bud to the Tour. Along the way, Bud established himself as one of the top American players at every level – junior, amateur and collegiate.

Choosing the correct club for chippinghas many variables. Some players like to use the same club for every shot and then adjust their swing accordingly. But there are factors that come into play when hitting the chip, includig the suface you are playing. It is virtually impossible to provide an exact situation on when to use what club, however, Swing Coach Matt Kellen and PGA Tour Player Bud Cauley discuss the varibles of hitting the chip shot on Bermuda grass.

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