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Fri, 8 September 2017

DSG Global Releases 1000 Fairway Rider G3's Into The Elite Program

Fairway Rider G3
DSG Global has announced it is selling to the general public a limited number of Fairway Rider G3's in the Fairway Rider G3 Elie Program. The company is releasing on a first come basis a "full unit" of ten Fairway Rider G3's will sell for $45,000.00 (USD) or "half unit" consisting of five Fairway Rider G3's for $22,500.00 (USD) or single units at $5,000.00 (USD) each.

DSG Global will be placing all 1000 G3's in a pooled environment on golf courses in North America with 25% of the gross revenue generated from the collective units divided on a pro rata bases among all owners over the 4 year contract. Most likely projected revenues are based on golf course rental of 1.25 times daily at $25.00 per round per unit, over an average of 262 days a year.

Owners will also receive 10% of advertising gross revenue generated on the 1000 pooled new Iinfinity 7" high definition screens that will be mounted on the FRG3. Owners will receive revenue payments from the FREP 30 days following every sixth month.

"The first shipment of Fairway Rider G3's has been ordered and is headed to California with the next container shipping to Florida and depending on the orders containers will be shipped to that destination. Each owner will have their own Fairway Rider G3 identified by serial number and the new 3G LTE TAG tracker with DSG maintaining all service and support during the term. DSG can also purchase the FRG3 back from owners at end of contract at a negotiated price.

For more information about how you can purchase your own Fairway Rider and/or participate in the Fairway Rider G3 Elie Program call 604 762 2825.

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