Author: Mark Blackburn, PGA

11/28/2018 at 4:03 pm

At The Range

Eliminate The Slice In Your Golf Swing


Blackburn Golf is the culmination of over 20 years research and study in improving golf performance.

Through a holistic teaching approach students of all ages and abilities learn to apply effective golf performance processes, which in turn produce lower scores and better golfers. Whether a beginner or PGA Tour Professional, with precise instruction the golf of your dreams is attainable one stroke at a time!

The Blackburn Golf Academy is based at Greystone Golf & Country Club in Birmingham, Alabama. The Academy offers students a state of the art teaching center, access to championship courses, driving ranges and short game facilities.

The Blackburn Philosophy

Producing the necessary impact for consistent ball control is always related to the body - swing connection. Coaching programs follow a holistic approach to optimize high performance. There is no one method or swing style for all golfers. Rather, the coach must develop an efficient and repeatable motion based on the student’s own movement patterns. Utilizing their own physiology, a student will then learn the necessary stability, mobility and power sources unique to their stroke pattern from the green back to the tee.

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