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Fri, 8 September 2017

Golf Fitness

Play Longer And Enjoy The Game More

Mindi Boysen

Hamstring strength and flexibility are important for golfers, simple exercises can help prevent injury.

Mindi Boysen

CARs stands for Controlled Articular Rotations. Basically, taking your ribs through their full range of motion.

Sitting Posture Wrong & Right

If you tend to be sedentary then don’t realize how it’s affecting their health or golf performance..

Mindi Boysen

The inchworm is an exercise that works the arms, chest and upper back as well as the lower back and abs.

Katherine Roberts

Yoga For Golf YFG harnesses and integrates power of the body with power of the mind to increase and enhance performance, enabling golfers at all levels to play better, play stronger, and play longer.

Mindi Boysen

If you want to add more distance to your golf shots you will need power, plus speed.

Mindi Brittner

Through the Kenimatic Squence you can create the an identical sequence of speed or energy generation for for better golf shots

Mindi Brittner

The ability to perform a squat or partial squat is an essential movement in life we must all be able to perform whether you are 18 or 80 years old.

Katherine Roberts

Katherine Roberts and Tim Mahoney, Director of Education for Troon Golf Worldwide, at Troon North Golf Club to learn more about posture in the golf swing.

Leg Extensions

The leg extension machine is a good piece of strength equipment, isolating the quadriceps muscles in the front thigh.

Mindi Brittner

Take time and warm up properly before you play or practice golf to avoid stress on your calf muscles.

Steven Lewis

To play better you need tp warm up or stretch properly on the range or prior to teeing off.

Tiger Woods

Without a properly conditioned body, your performance metrics can take quite a plunge.

Mindi Brittner

Hip mobility is important in the golf swing, allowing for proper rotation, power, and swing speed and also to keep your posture throughout the swing.

Swing Width

Mobility in the thoracic spine (T-spine) is imperative if you want to make a good upper body turn in the backswing.

Thrust Through Impact

Here is a body movement from the Tathata Golf methodology. If you need more acceleration through impact, then this one is for you.