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Rhythm And Timing In The Golf Swing
by Greg Wickensimer

In many ways golf is a game is of repetition, therefore It is very important to have good rhythm when you out on the golf course. In this video PGA Golf Professional Greg Wickensimer offers up a drill you can do on the range that can help you develop a rhythm before you head out onto the golf course.
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How To Hit A Fairway Bunker Shot
by Bob Stevenson

Fairway bunker shots can be pretty routine, if you understand the elements needed to properly make the shot time and time again. From evaluating your lie to setup to swing there is a common theme to hitting fairway bunker shots. PGA Golf Professional Bob Stevenson demonstrates in this instructional video.
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A Pre-Shot Routine Off The Tee
by Dolph Roder

A good rotary motion leads to a great golf swing and it all starts with the proper posture and a solid foundation. PGA Golf Professional Dolph Roder takes you through a step by step process in this video for getting into the correct setup position.   
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Distance Control In Putting
by Brett Trenter

Speed or break. What is more important in putting? Most great putters would say that speed - which translates into distance - is the more important aspect of putting. There is a ladder drill you can use to practice with that will help you in distance control. Find out more in this In this video instructional tip.
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A Simple Putting Routine
by Jimmie Rockelman

To become a more consistent putter you need to develop a routine each and every time you putt.  PGA Golf Professional Jimmy Rockelman offers up a simple routine you can incorporate into your game that will lead more putts dropping and lower scores.   
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Learning How To Move The Ball
by Nicole Weller

Many great players can work the ball right and left, up and down as they make their way around the course. Amateurs try to hit the ball straight down the middle, with little understanding as to why their shots go right or left, if not straight. In this instructional video LPGA and PGA Golf Professional Nicole Weller offers some insight on hitting a hook, draw, slice and fade.
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The Proper Transition From Backswing To Downswing
by Kevyn Cunningham

An area in the golf swing that can be problematic for many amateur golfers is the transition from the backswing to the downswing. In this golf instructional video, PGA Golf Professional Kevyn Cunningham demonstrates the techniques required to achieve to have a good consistent downswing.
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