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Fri, 8 September 2017

How A Golf Lesson Can Help Your Game

by Iain Carthew

Having a golf lesson from your local PGA Professional will have a huge impact on your game. Not only will you have an expert casting his/her experience on the golf swing, it will do wonders for your confidence.

A PGA Professional has been through rigorous training to be up to date with the latest golf swing techniques and analysis. So why battle with your game when you can improve it.

The Benefits

- Will help technique and understanding of how your golf swing works

- Will boost confidence on the course

- Will help consistency

- Will help your fitness, no aching backs or joints as you will now be swinging the club correctly

- Will improve your handicap and get you closer to your goals

The most important thing is choosing the right Golf Professional that you trust with your golf swing.Feeling comfortable with the new swing changes and approach should be high on the list. If you are a technical person in day to day life then choose a PGA Professional that teaches that way. If you don't like watching yourself on a video camera and want a simple golf lesson, choose someone that has the same teaching style. You may find that you will have a couple of lessons with PGA members until you find the right golf teaching relationship

Factors In Choosing The Right PGA Professional

- Word of mouth, do your friends have golf lessons from a particular teacher

\ - Cost, can you afford a private golf lessons on regular basis.Golf lessons these days start from $70 upwards for an hour.

- Booking in for a golf lesson can sometimes take weeks if the sort after Golf Professional is booked out.

- Is the teacher qualified and has a ton of experience to help your golf game.

- Does he/she have good practice facilities and equipment to help your golf game.

How Many Golf Lessons Do You Need?

This should be based on what you golf goals are, for example if you are a 6 handicap player and want to become a scratch marker, then 2 golf lessons or more a month depending on how many times you can get to the practice range, no point having a lesson if you cannot practice the technique you have been taught. So base the lesson frequency on what you aim to achieve. If you are just starting out I cannot stress enough to have a series of lessons to get you off on the right foot.

So always choose the best golf teacher for you and you will soon find yourself smashing your golf scores and reducing your handicap in no time. Remember to practice quality not quantity, practicing is about grooving what you have learned previously.

Another alternative if you do not have time and are in a remote area with no Golf Professional around for miles, is to download or join online golf programs.

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