New Jersey Golf Courses

New Jersey State Flag

New Jersey can be thought of as five regions, based on natural geography and population. Northeastern New Jersey, the Gateway Region, lies within the New York metropolitan area, and some residents commute into the city to work. Northwestern New Jersey, or the "Skylands", is, compared to the northeast, more wooded, rural, and mountainous, but still a popular place to live. The "Shore", along the Atlantic Coast in the central-east and southeast, has its own natural, residence, and life characteristics owing to the ocean. The central-west and southwest are within metropolitan Philadelphia, and are included in the Delaware Valley. The fifth region is the Pine Barrens in the interior of the southern part and is covered rather extensively by mixed pine and oak forest, and as such has a much lower population density than much of the rest of the state.

Whether it’s wide or narrow fairways, chipping or putting, a light round for fun or a competitive game, New Jersey’s fairways match your golfing desires to a tee. Golfers can choose from some of the finest public courses in the nation. The state has a long tradition and strong association with the game, along with some of the highest rated public and private courses in the country. With an illustrious history of golf excellence, the state has hosted dozens of USGA and PGA championships.