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Author: Steven Lewis

01/31/2019 at 4:03 pm

Golf Fitness

A Pre-Round Stretch Routine


Golfers will do just about anything to enhance their performance on the course. From a new practice tool to the latest driver, nothing seems too extravagant or silly when in pursuit of a few extra yards

What would you say if there was another way that could allow your clients to gain extra yardage (as much as 45 yards on carry distance of a driver!) and costs next to nothing? It may sound simple but here is the alternative strategy for more distance…a warm-up routine!

In other sports people warm their bodies up in preparation for the activity ahead without even thinking about it or questioning why they are doing so. What the majority of golfers seem to forget is that golf is similar to sprinting in that it is a very explosive action which culminates in a lot of force traveling through the body over a very short period of time

Yet despite the similarities you wouldn’t see a sprinter stroll out to the track and try to compete, without performing an appropriate warm-up routine. However, in golf we know that there is a stigma attached to warming up or stretching properly on the range or prior to teeing off. It is time to change the embarrassed culture that exists in our sport when it comes to warming up prior to performance.

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