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REKS Polycarbonate Polarized Lenses

REKS Sunglasses

Since its introduction in 2015, REKS, an innovative sunglass manufacturer featuring the finest in performance lenses matched with unbreakable frames, has been an exciting new player in the sunglass industry.

And now, for a special limited time, REKS is offering 2 pairs for $75. Featuring polycarbonate polarized lenses , including anti-reflective coating in the popular unbreakable Slingblade and Wrap Around frames, REKS’ are just too good a deal to pass up on.

The Slingblade and Wrap Around frames, constructed with Satin Touch® rubberized coating for extraordinary comfort, offers maximum performance that combines the flexibility of rubber with the strength of thermoplastics. Theses frames will flex in all directions but will always return to its original shape.

We have rewritten the book on frames and lenses” said George Granoff CEO of REKS. “While consumers have long paid artificially high prices for quality sunglasses, our 2 for $75 offer for best-in-class polarized lens with anti-reflective coatings is just unheard of in the industry.

REKS’ optical frames are stylish, lightweight and comfortable. The unbreakable polymer frame eliminates the worry of sitting or stepping on your sunglasses. They can handle being tossed around in your golf cart, gym bag or purse. And at this great sale price, you won’t be breaking the bank in case you lose one-which happens all too often.

Great, affordable and smart features for any consumer.

All REKS eyewear carries a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. In addition, all prescriptions lenses are covered by a 1-year scratch protection warranty and a 2-year warranty on the frame against breakage.

“Golfers want high quality eyewear without having to spend $200+ and be able to eliminate the fear of frames breaking or lenses shattering when eyewear is sat on or dropped,” Granoff explained. “They want eyewear that performs, looks good, gives them fabulous protection, great visual experience and complete comfort; all at direct to consumer prices.”

About REKS

Founded in 2015, REKS is a performance and fashion brand that emphasizes high-quality polycarbonate and trivex lenses delivered in unbreakable frames. These lenses are available as regular sunglasses or High Definition prescription lenses. With in-house designed unbreakable frames and lenses that are shatter-resistant, lightweight and offer 100% UV 400 protection, REKS eyewear is suited for the consumer who demands top quality visual experiences. REKS sunglasses and performance lenses provide comfort and stability in all conditions…all at affordable prices. REKS prescription lenses are manufactured with the latest freeform digital technology that produces high definition lenses with greater field of vision and improved clarity over traditional manufacturing techniques. REKS offers seven iconic frame styles, creating a collectible line of eyewear to suit every sport, style and mood.

See the world through superior optical quality with REKS. Your journey starts here. Visit to learn more.

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