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Fri, 8 September 2017

Using Your Arms In The Takeaway

Ben Hogan
Learning how to use your arms in your golf swing takeaway is critical to how well you strike ball, as well as how far you hit it. For most amateur golfers, this is a misunderstood issue, as you see every golfer of all levels making different backswsings, as well as telling you how they do it, which is even more confusing.

I know what most golfers want is simple golf swing. They are tired of the "62-point" checklist of swing thoughts before they hit the ball. I don't blame them. It shouldn't be this hard. No way!

When you start your takeaway, the first thing you should think of is a one-piece move with your shoulders, arms and hands and club) moving together. There is no independent action with your hands wrists or even your elbows. For the first 2 feet or so, nothing should move independent of your upper body moving together.

Right Arm Movement In Backswing.

Ben Hogan

The right arm holds the key to better ball striking when it comes to your takeaway and backswing. As mentioned earlier, it does not independently bend early on.

In fact, I am currently focusing on keeping the same flex in my right elbow and right wrist for as long as I can in the takeaway until it naturally starts to flex. This allows for the club to stay on plane throughout your backswing, as opposed to early bend of wrist or elbow which whips the club inside and off plane from the getgo.

As you continue turning back with your right shoulder, the right elbow will start to bend, but never should bend beyond a 90 degree angle. The right wrist cock should be done by just beyond halfwayy back, so there should be no thought of this during the rest of your backswing.

Left Arm In Takeaway And Backswing

The left arm pretty much goes along for the ride. The inside of the upper left arm should remain in constant contact with your left pec muscles, which creates connection in your golf swing.

As you turn back, the left arm naturally goes around and up, but with no thought of this. Do not lift the club up with your left arm. That will ruin your shoulder rotation, and rob you of power.

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