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The odds of any amateur making a hole in one is 12,500 to one and the odds of making 2 aces in one week are even higher.

"So, four days later, I come back now with a different group of guys and guys. All we're playing either whites or why green tee. So, I decided not to play Blue White, which is my normal tee, and I played white."

Four days after getting an ace on #16 Ray Burnell gets ace #2 on the same hole.

” And sure enough, there’s the ball and it just flies beautifully and draws in and drops right in.”

The odds of that same amateur making holes in one back-to-back rounds is about one in 5.7 million.

Alan Hunter

Alan Hunter is the Executive Producer and Host of Golf America Television show. The program airs throughout the U.S. on Bally Sports, New England Sports Network, Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, Fun Roads TV, Right Now TV, and on local television stations around the country.

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