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The partnership between 2nd Swing and PING creates a Trade-in and Move-up program for golfers.

Eden Prairie, MN — 2nd Swing Golf, an industry-leading golf retailer and inventory buyback service, is partnering with PING to create the Trade In & Move Up program, helping golfers take advantage of all-time high trade-in values for their used clubs while upgrading to new PING equipment.

2nd Swing specializes in offering the largest selection of golf clubs in the industry, both new and used, through its award-winning trade-in services. The easy-to-use 2nd Swing trade-in tool on ping.com provides a quick and easy way for golfers to get paid for their old clubs.

Golfers interested in selling their current golf clubs are encouraged to visit ping.com/trade-in-move-up. There, golfers can go through the easy process of valuing, shipping, and receiving payment for their current golf equipment.

The process includes four simple steps:

  1. Get Custom Fit for new PING Technology
  2. Purchase new PING clubs
  3. Check trade-in values and ship old clubs using PING Trade In & Move Up program
  4. Receive payment via check or Paypal within 10 days

“We are super excited to work with PING on this program,” said Simon Kallal, Founder and CEO of 2nd Swing. “With our simple-to-use trade-in tool on ping.com, more golfers than ever can take advantage of these record-high trade-in values.”

Thecompany has five brick-and-mortar store locations in the United States (Minneapolis, MN; Minnetonka, MN; Scottsdale, AZ; Wilmington, DE; and Columbia, MD) in addition to an online store at 2ndswing.com.

Visit 2ndswing.com for more information on 2nd Swing’s services and to shop the largest selection of new and used golf clubs, apparel, rangefinders, accessories, and more.

Additionally, golfers are encouraged to visit the 2nd Swing fitting website to schedule a Tour Van fitting for their new PING equipment.

Howard Flanagan

Howard's love for the game started when he was 9, growing up in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State. Unfortunately for him he was left-handed and the only clubs in his parent's household were right-handed, so he had to learn the game from a different perspective. Throughout his golfing life Howard has been a member at several private clubs around the U.S. and in the Caribbean, but really enjoys the game when it is played on an unheralded muni course, just about anywhere.

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