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Callaway Golf has announced its new MAVRIK Series lineup of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons.

Carlsbad, CA – By investing in a new and more powerful supercomputer, Callaway’s R&D team advanced its ability to use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to design wide-ranging performance features and technologies across the entire MAVRIK line.

MAVRIK Drivers feature Callaway’s new Flash Face SS20 architecture, designed by A.I., with a more expansive area that delivers ultra-fast ball speeds. And the completely new face architecture is engineered to specifically work with the head of each MAVRIK Driver.

The complexity of each Flash Face SS20 design demands a new and stronger material — FS2S titanium — to allow the ultra-thin design to stand up to the stress of impact. From this high-end titanium, MAVRIK can consistently maintain fast ball speed without compromising clubface integrity. Callaway engineers didn’t limit A.I. to the clubface. For the first time they used it to create a new internal rib system designed to more efficiently control impact vibration to promote more satisfying sound and feel.

In addition, MAVRIK Drivers leverage several proven technologies that are crucial to the overall performance – Jailbreak and a T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown. Jailbreak features two internal bars that connect the sole and crown to promote faster ball speed, and the T2C triaxial carbon crown is significantly lighter to raise MOI and forgiveness.

MAVRIK Drivers ($499, new product introduction price) will be available at retailers nationwide starting January 23, 2020.


For the first time, these new irons feature a Flash Face Cup designed by A.I. to work with each individual head’s size, shape, CG location and loft to create a significant boost in ball speed. With the Tungsten Energy Core, the R&D team precisely positioned custom tungsten weights into each iron to optimize launch and trajectory. This allows Callaway to strengthen the lofts while still maintaining player preferred trajectories, spin rates, and land angles.

Callaway has additionally included proprietary urethane microspheres, its premium technology that creates unmatched feel and incredible speed. Over one million microspheres are strategically placed into each clubhead to absorb unwanted vibration while maximizing COR. The result is an unparalleled combination of fast ball speed and phenomenal feel throughout the set.

The use of A.I. also allowed Callaway to enhance the performance characteristics of each iron face. In the long irons, the faces are designed for launch and speed, while in the mid-irons the faces are engineered for speed and spin consistency. Lastly, in the short irons, the faces are optimized for spin and precision to promote pinpoint shot-making.

MAVRIK irons (with prices starting at $799 per 7-piece set) become available nationwide starting February 6, 2020.

MAVRIK Women’s Line MAVRIK Women’s models are available as well in the MAX-W Irons and MAX-W Lite Irons, along with MAX-W Hybrids and MAX-W Lite Hybrids. Each of these new clubs are optimized to enhance distance and performance for women. Callaway continues to be the #1 women’s golf equipment brand in the industry.

Wide Range Of MAVRIK Models MAVRIK Drivers and Fairway Woods are available in a Standard model that appeals to a wide range of players, a Sub Zero model that offers a remarkable combination of fast ball speed and low spin, and a MAX model that’s easy to hit and helps reduce slices. MAVRIK Irons and Hybrids are available in Standard models for a wide range of players, Pro models with more compact shapes, and MAX models for easy launch and added forgiveness.


“With our new product lineup, we’ve adopted a maverick’s rebellious and disruptive spirit to deliver revolutionary distance and performance in each of our new clubs,” said Callaway SVP of R&D, Dr. Alan Hocknell. “We introduced A.I. in golf equipment in 2019, and now we’ve significantly advanced our understanding and application of A.I. to deliver distance that defies convention. We’re confident that we will continue to push the boundaries in this new arena of club design.”

Prices and sales taxes determined by individual retailers and may vary . For more information on Callaway’s all-new MAVRIK family of woods and irons visit

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