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CARS for the shoulder blade helps the scapular to be very strong, in addition to enhancing the movement within the joint.

In the past, I have shown you some exercises that are called cars. CARS is an acronym for controlled articular rotations. We’ve done the hips, we’ve done the shoulders, but know we are going to show some cars, that’s going to feel oh so good for your scapular, also known as your shoulder blades. We need the shoulder blades to be very strong, but we also need them to move.

About Mindi Boysen

Mindi Boysen, TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Level III certified Golf Fitness Specialist and owner of “Fit For Golf! Fit For Life!”, is a recognized professional with a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Development and 24 years of experience in the fitness industry.

Mindi is also a nationally certified Lifestyle/Weight Management Consultant, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor who specializes in functional, Pilates-based sport-specific training. She currently is endorsed by multiple private golf clubs in North Phoenix/Scottsdale and is the official Fitness Partner of the Arizona Women’s Golf Association. In 2010, after she earned her Level III Junior Player Development certification through TPI, she was asked to assist a company in Barcelona, Spain in setting up a golf performance center.

CARS For The Shoulders

More About Mindi

Utilizing her B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education, Mindi now helps junior golfers establish a fundamental base and athletic foundation to aid in their golfing years to come. Most recently, she completed the newest TPI certification: Power Coach. Her background in this allows her to aid golfers in maximizing their clubhead speed for distance potential.

Her professional experience includes six years on the faculty at Indiana/Purdue University as a Strength & Conditioning Instructor, where she received the IUPUI Teacher Excellence & Recognition Award in 2000. Mindi has taught Pilates and sports conditioning at several golf clubs, and now manages her own lifestyle coaching business teaching clients the best way to keep their bodies strong and healthy while preventing damage or injury to muscles

Mindi coaches health-conscious golfers of all skill levels. From players on the PGA Tour to recreational golfers, she teaches fitness techniques designed to improve both a player’s golf game and overall health. Her format includes strengthening of the specific muscle groups used in the golf swing, flexibility exercises, and reinforcement of balance and stability movements.

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