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How to approach the challenges of a tough tee shot.

The challenges of a tough tee shot are our subject today.

We’re on the back championship black tee of our Rees Jones Design Creek horse. And we’re going to talk a little bit about how you handle the challenges of a tough tee shot. Right here we’re faced with a par four where we have a penalty area on the right and the left.

We have about a 180-yard carry over the marsh to even get to the fairway. So, what happens in that situation? When I work with my students about the challenges of a tough tee shot, I explain to them a couple of physiological changes happening in your body. Your heart rate will speed up. Your breathing will begin to shallow, and the blood is forced to your extremities as part of our fight and flight mechanisms that our brain has to deal with fear.

Don’t be concerned about the challenges of a tough tee shot, think about the golf swing in more of a circular motion around your body. It’s an incline on an inclined plane. And that’ll help you hit the face square to the target, the path better, and allow you to keep the clubhead speed up so you can hit it past some of the dangers.

What I like to do when dealing with the challenges of a tough tee shot is to think about using both hands equally to set the club and my wrist hand over my right shoulder. And then you must use your arms, your upper arms to swing the club through impact and on into the finish of your golf swing that’ll enable you to hold that quail longer and hit a straight shot.

Work on these little things and the challenges of a tough tee shot will eventually become nonissues.

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About Brad Myers

Brad Myers is the Director of Golf at Hammock Dunes Club. Prior to that Brad was at Congressional Country Club where he had been employed for 15 years, most recently as the Head Golf Professional. While at Congressional, Brad was instrumental in helping them achieve their ranking as one of the “Top 100 Golf Shops” in America. Early in his career, Brad was employed as an Assistant Golf professional at the Kenwood Country Club, also in Bethesda.

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