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Chipping and Pitching

Today, we’re going to talk about chipping and pitching around green complexes.

Most amateur golfers that I work with, and I see play golf, try chipping and pitching using a technique that’s maybe a little bit too difficult. It works at times, but most golfers tend to play the ball in their stance a little bit from middle to back, in their stance with their hands forward.

And on the impact area, their shaft is leaning forward. So, when it leans forward like that, guess what? We’re using the leading edge.

We have to be very, very precise when you’re using the leading edge when chipping and pitching.

Another option that I want to give you for chipping and pitching, is you might hit the ball a little higher and you have a little bit less of a chance to scull the ball.

I think you have a better chance of getting the ball on the green is that we’re going to play the ball forward. I mean, from center to forward on this shot. We’re going to have our regular stance fairly narrow. We want to have the face slightly open so we can use the sole of the club and we’re going to make a motion where the club is going to go back like a long putt and through the impact area.

Instead of leaning forward with my stance, we want the shaft to be leaning straight up at 90 degrees or slightly behind that. Okay.

That allows the club to slide through.

So again, for chipping and pitching we’re going to play the ball from center to forward fairly narrow stance, open clubface to allow the sole to hit the ground and slide through.

You want to feel like it’s a long putt at impact rather than us leaning forward.

We’re going to have our handle straight up at 90 degrees or slightly behind this will allow the club to slide through, let the bounce get the ball on the face, and go high.

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About Daren King

Daren was born in Zanesville, Ohio and raised in Sarasota, Florida on Longboat Key.

He began his golf career at The Longboat Key Club in 1994, before becoming the Assistant Golf Professional at Sara Bay Country Club. He continued his career as an Assistant Golf Professional at Edgewood Valley Country Club in suburban Chicago, before returning to Sara Bay Country Club as the Head Golf Professional in 2002.

He holds his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from Florida Atlantic University, where he was co-captain of the baseball team. Daren has received several awards including Merchandiser of the Year for the North Florida PGA Section 2007, NFPGA Southwest Chapter Merchandiser of the Year 2006 & 2015 and was awarded the distinguished Acushnet PGA Apprentice Scholarship in 2000.

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