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Chipping Around The Green with Bela Nagy.

Today we’re going to talk about chipping around the green. Chipping is a shot that we play from around the greens where it doesn’t require us to lift the ball very much.

I think the biggest mistake people make when chipping around the green is they try to take their sand-wedge or lob-wedge and try to carry the ball to the hole. This requires a lot of touch, as well as a lot of skill.

So, to make this process easier, we’re going to have one setup and one swing. And I’ve chosen three different targets today; all we’re going to do is change the four clubs. So, we’re going to use a seven and go to a further target, maybe an eight-iron claw closer and a nine-iron to go even closer than that without changing anything. And this will make your life a lot easier on the golf course.

So, when chipping around the green the ball position and chipping the ball should be off our back foot, and I want you to imagine a clock on the wall where 6:00 is.

Our starting position for chipping around the green is three to my right, and nine to my left. We’re going make a swing that goes about five to 7:00 a lot like our putting stroke, maybe just a little bit longer version of it. So, as I set my club up to my golf ball here, balls off my back foot, my hands are a little forward as a result. Again, five to 7:00, the ball will land about a third on the way under the green and run the other two-thirds for the next flag.

Chipping Around The Green

All I’m going to do is change clubs, so now I’m going to take this nine-iron, make sure I change my alignment here, and same setup. Same swing five to 7:00. Can you see the ball go a hair higher and it doesn’t roll as much because of the loft? My third target, I’ve got a pitching wedge, which is even closer, but nothing’s going to change.

Still going to have the ball position off my back foot and still five to 7:00. And again, about one-third in the air, two-thirds on the ground. So, you see the difference between the three clubs.

The key when chipping around the green is we’re reducing our margin for error because we’re not making as much swing and it’s all about keeping the ball as low as possible whenever possible. 30% of your score is going to come from this area, from the green. And if you can get the ball close enough to get it up and down, you’re going to be a much happier golfer.

About Bela Nagy

Bela Nagy is the Director of Golf at Sandridge Golf Club in Vero Beach, Florida. Bela is a member of the PGA of America since 1996 and a 1995 graduate of the Professional Golf Management Program at Mississippi State University. He was voted Top 50 Teachers in America by US Kids in 2005 & 2009 and in 2014 was named a Master US Kids Teacher. Bela was named the 1999, 2016 & 2018 Junior Golf Leader for the Southeast Chapter of the South Florida PGA. Bela was named the 2014 & 2019 Junior Golf Leader as well as the 2013, 2014, 2016 & 2017 Merchandiser of the Year for the South Florida Section of the PGA. He has been an instructor at Sandridge Golf Club for since 1995.

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