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Its new partnership with PRGR Golf puts club-fitter Club Champion over the 50K mark for hittable combinations.

Willowbrook, IL – When Club Champion originally launched in 2010 it started out as a regional three-studio fitting business. Today, with 78 locations throughout the U.S. it is considered by many to be the #1 destination for Tour-level golf club fitting for any golfer.

Today, with offerings from PRGR Golf, an expansion of Edel selections, and more even additions the custom fitter has topped the 50,000 mark for in-store hittable combinations. It was only a year ago the company reached the 45,000 mark in March and since then it has been steadily expanding its offerings, thanks to the rise in the golf rounds played over the past year.

“We’re excited to up the ante this year,” said Nick Sherburne, founder of Club Champion. “By continuing to bring in new options, we’re able to provide such a deep well of fitting solutions so we can continue to provide Tour-level service for any and every golfer.”

As a premium custom club fitter, Club Champion has now solidified itself as the leader in the fitting industry in terms of club offerings. Brand agnosticism is a key component in the company’s success — the only goal is to find the best numbers for the golfer in the bay. Big brands like TaylorMade and Callaway are represented alongside niche brands like PXG and Ben Hogan. Further, they offer a range of clubhead, shaft and grip brands that many golfers haven’t previously encountered.

The Short Side of PRGR

A subsidiary of Japanese manufacturer Yokohama Rubber, PRGR got its start with the 1983 introduction of a golf ball that could match different club-head speeds. A year later, the company launched the M-1 and M-2 drivers using carbon heads in an era when drivers were made of persimmon. That same year, PRGR introduced the CT series of easy long, and controllable short irons designed by club number.

Today, PRGR has a single goal of creating top-of-the-line clubs for the average golfer. The brand’s distinct iron line-up was designed for reassurance and forgiveness in each swing. Club Champion now offers iron selections from PRGR in every store.

Get To Know Edel Golf

Located in Liberty Hill, Texas, Edel Golf was the brainchild of David Edel who at one time played professional golf and wanted to create the best putter for himself. Before long Edel was approached by other golfers to produce putters for them.

His approach to putter design is simple; make a putter that looks and feels real and in the process help people become better golfers.

Additionally, Edel’s EAS putter fitting system was introduced to Club Champion late in 2020 as a new method to reach consumers. With interchangeable head shapes, alignment plates, head weight options, and grip variations that can be matched to any stroke, the system fits in nicely with the Club Champion methodology.

“We’re taking our top-notch service and improving it every day,” said Sherburne. “When you have every option at your fingertips and the proper training to tap into the potential of those options, it’s simple to find more yards, better accuracy and a more enjoyable golf experience.”

To learn more about Club Champion and their 50,000+ hittable head and shaft combinations across more than 50 brands, please visit

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Howard Flanagan

Howard's love for the game started when he was 9, growing up in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State. Unfortunately for him he was left-handed and the only clubs in his parent's household were right-handed, so he had to learn the game from a different perspective. Throughout his golfing life Howard has been a member at several private clubs around the U.S. and in the Caribbean, but really enjoys the game when it is played on an unheralded muni course, just about anywhere.

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