SQAIRZ Country Sole Golf Shoe

SQAIRZ teams up with Country Music Star Colt Ford to introduce the “Country Sole” golf shoe.

Windham, NH — SQAIRZ is making noise again with the introduction of a new line of golf shoes called “Country Sole” created in partnership with country music star Colt Ford.

Ford, a well-known former professional golfer, is now an established country music star and co-founder of a diverse entertainment company, Average Joes Entertainment. Since 2008, Colt has written two #1 singles and released seven albums, 21 singles, 31 music videos and four gold records. His #1 album, “Declaration of Independence,” topped the Billboard Country Top Albums chart.

The Country Sole brings together the heart and soul of America, Country Music and Golf. The shoe features red, white, and blue acoustic guitars on the side and the word “USA” on the sole and bootstrap. It also features all the patented golf shoe technology that allows SQAIRZ to achieve greater distance compared to other golf shoes on the market.

When asked how the collaboration with SQAIRZ began, Colt replied, “Born with flat feet, I have always had foot issues. I reached out to SQAIRZ’s CEO, Bob Winskowicz, and asked about his shoes. Once I put them on, not only did my foot pain go away, but I hit the golf ball a little further and a little higher!“. He continued, “One year later, I am so proud to be an Ambassador for SQAIRZ and to be part of the design of the Country Sole… If you want to have the best golf shoe you have ever worn, you found them. I will never wear anything else.

Colt Ford Golfing

“I couldn’t imagine a better person to work with on the Country Sole.”, said Robert Winskowicz, SQAIRZ’s founder and CEO. “Colt Ford is an icon in the country music world and represents what America is really all about – being independent, finding success on your terms and giving back to your community. We’re so proud to offer the Country Sole and to work with Colt on such a special pair of golf shoes.”

Country Sole Details

  • Patented SQAIRZ® toe allows the toes to spread and sit naturally in the shoes which enables the feet to experience full range of motion, unparalleled comfort, and feel for the ground
  • Symmetrical wider base in the forefoot area for greater stability and balance
  • Patent pending Torque Generation System (TGS) outsole for superior ground connection to maximize torque, swing speed, and distance
  • Six replaceable Pivix Softspikes® strategically placed under pressure point areas where the greatest amount of traction is required, supported by a series of computer generated traction lugs
  • Custom (removable) cushioned insole with added compression in the regional pressure point areas
  • EVA foam midsole for maximum responsive cushioning
  • TPU heel stabilizer that runs from the heel into the arch centering the foot in the shoe to enable proper biomechanics and prevent roll over injuries
  • Premium synthetic leather uppers with custom fit structure for added support on both the medial and lateral sides of the feet
  • Gusseted tongue prevents water, sand, or other debris from entering the interior of the shoe
  • “Sta-put” laces comfortably forms the shoe to the top of your foot and locks it in place without having to adjust or re-tie the lace during the round
  • Foam padded collar and tongue for added comfort
  • Very cool, contemporary, fashionable design

Colt Ford has used almost every brand of golf shoe sold on the market during his years on the PGA and PGA Senior Tour, continuing to this day, so he knows what a difference SQAIRZ shoes bring to the game. In both his professional golf and music career he has put his creativity and unique sense of style into everything he does, and the Country Sole is no different.

When asked why he decided to partner with SQAIRZ, Colt responded, “When I’m out there on the course, I want to know that I’m doing everything I can to play my best, and that includes wearing the right golf shoes. There’s no doubt that SQAIRZ is giving me the best ground force connection possible and that lets me get more club speed and distance. After trying out SQAIRZ and seeing the immediate impact on my game, it was a no-brainer when I was asked to partner on the Country Sole.”

To find out more about the “Country Sole” and the entire line-up of SQAIRZ golf shoes visit sqairz.com

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Howard Flanagan

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