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If you are wanting to play better golf the first place to start is to develop a pre-shot routine off the tee.

By definition pre-shot routine means “do the same things before you hit the ball each and every time”. As an example, when you watch a basketball player before a free throw, they will do the same thing before the shot, whether it is to bounce the ball 3 times or flip it in the air and bounce it once… It’s their routine. The same is true for golf, you have to find the routine that gets you ready to hit the ball. As each person is different, so is their preshot routine.

Pre-Shot Routine In Golf

About Billy Jack

Billy Jack is a Class A member of the Professional Golfers Association of America and has been a member of the team at St Ives Country Club since 2002. During his career he has been able to teach under numerous world class teachers such as, the late Jack Grout (Jack Nicklaus’ instructor), the late Jim Flick (Head Instructor for Golf Digest) and Gardner Dickinson (Former Senior PGA Player).

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