A Putting Routine

Lead golf instructor at Coral Ridge Country Dolph Roder offers up a putting routine to improve your efficiency on the greens.

A Putting Routine

What I want to talk about is putting today and why you need to develop a putting routine.

It’s the one thing that we can control and it is the least practiced club in our bag.

So what you need to do is set up two tees a little wider than your putter. And you do that by sticking a tee in the green just outside putter on both sides.

Then about 4 inches out there you are going to do is place two more tees in the ground just outside the width of the ball.

Then set up and go through your normal putting routine. If you don’t have one now is a good time to start to develop a putting routine.

Its all about working on a rhythm and why you need to develop a putting routine.

So what I like to do is I have one ball that I play with that’s got a line on it that’s going to be my second, third, or fourth putt.

My first putt I’m just going to make sure that it travels between these two tees.

Take a step back.

Take a look at it.

A Putting Routine
A Putting Routine

And start working on routine and stroke.

When you get finished with two or three balls take the ball that you’re going to use when you’re playing. Again working on routine.

Line your ball up and take a step back. Make sure it’s lined up between the tees. Come in and start going through your
routine again. My routine is a couple of practice strokes looking at the hole trying to feel what my eyes see. Take one look come back and stroke the putt.

This is a great exercise for dealing with the center face contact path of the putter and actually creating a putting routine. Why do I think your game here on the green is the most important it’s because the putter is the most used club in the bag and it’s also the least practice club in the bag.

If you got any questions about this drill please reach out to your PGA Professional.

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About Dolph Roder

Dolph Roder is the Lead Golf Instructor at Coral Ridge Country Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Dolph played golf at the University of Tampa. He was all-conference and all-regional teams, plus earned a bid to Nationals. He played various mini-tours from 1992- 1998, including the Tommy Armour Tour and the South Florida Tour. Won 11 events during this six-year period. He is a TPI and TPI Jr. Certified Golf Instructor.

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