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Distance Control in Putting

Our golf tip today is about learning better distance control in putting when you’re on the greens.

So many golfers lose a lot of strokes from too many three-putts.

Three putts generally come from poor speed on the first putt. So, the drill we have today is to try to help you control your speed better and get a better feel when you are on the greens.

So, to get better at distance control in putting we’re going to hit a putt on our practice green to an open area with no target.

It’s about 30 feet in length.

We’re not going to look up at the putt and step into the second putt and try to hit both putts as close to the same distance as possible.

If you’re able to accomplish that goal and have your putts finish closer together, you get a greater feel for putting, reduce your three-putts, and lower your scores.

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About Chris Dibble

Chris Dibble is the Director of Operations at Holston Hills Country Club in Knoxville, Tennessee. The son of PGA member, Bob Dibble, Chris has spent his entire life engaged in the game of golf, and his entire career at Holston Hills, starting at the club in 1992.

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