Martin Hall

Martin Hall, the director of instruction at The Club at Ibis offers up a great tip given to Tiger Woods from his former instructor John Anselmo for distance off the tee.

Distance Off The Tee
Distance Off The Tee

My journey has led me to talk to some of the very best of the game of golf and I want to give you a tip I got from Tiger Woods. One of his other teachers John Anselmo told him this tip, it involves how to use the shoulders to get more distance off the tee.

It’s a simple tip, but gosh a good one, you really want to try this if you want to get more distance off the tee.

Martin Hall

About Martin Hall

The enthusiastic staff of professional golf instructors at the Ibis Golf Academy is led by a rare talent, PGA Director of Instruction Martin Hall.

Martin has the distinction of being named one of only four of America’s “Master Instructors” by Golf Magazine*. We are also proud to announce that Martin was awarded his own weekly, 60-minute golf show on the Golf Channel, aptly titled “School of Golf.”

Martin Hall turned professional in 1975. He has competed on the European Tour as well and has since turned his career toward teaching the game he loves. Martin currently is the head teaching professional at Ibis. 

He is also a Master Professional of the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland. He has appeared in the Golf Magazine Top 100 since 1994, and in the Golf Digest Top 50 since the list began in 2000. Martin is currently ranked as the number 10 teacher in the country.

For more tips on hitting your tee shots visit Off The Tee.

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