Early Hip Extension Swing Fault

Early Hip Extension is caused by limited ankle mobility, poor hip or core strength, or tightness in the lats.

Early Hip Extension is caused by limited ankle mobility, poor hip or core strength, or tightness in the lats. Fixing this swing fault will lead to increased power and consistency in ball striking. The exercise we are using in this video is called “Deep Squat, Heels Up, Arms Raised”. This fix will improve core strength and movement patterns for your squat.

Faults and Fixes

A new golf fitness exercise series, including Early Hip Extension, brought to you by our friends at FitGolf Performance Centers that outline some of the most common swing faults and give you exercises that you can do anytime and anywhere to begin correcting swing faults in your own golf swing. FitGolf has been providing golf fitness services and golf-specific exercise content to golfers all over the world for over two decades.

The Golf Swing Fault is demonstrated by Eric MacCluen, PGA Golf Professional and the 2008 winner of the Top 50 Master Teacher award as well as a multiple winner of the Top 50 Master Kids Teacher award, and voted one of Pennsylvania’s Best Teachers by Golf Digest Magazine.

The exercises are demonstrated by Jason Rivkin, TPI Golf Fitness Professional since 2012, and the Managing Director and Owner of the FitGolf Performance Center in the Philadelphia area. Jason has worked with hundreds of golfers of all different levels helping them achieve better health and performance in golf.

About FitGolf

FitGolf Performance Centers offer you high quality programs and training with state of the art systems and technology to improve your body so that you can improve your golf. Looking to improve consistency, gain more power, increase your balance, or gain distance? Do you struggle with back pain, limited mobility, or flexibility? FitGolf has the tools and expertise to help you achieve any of the goals you have for your body and your golf.

For more information visit FitGolf.

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