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Ben Hogan launches the Equalizer II forged wedges lineup in what the company calls its best ever wedge combining classic design and aesthetic with contemporary technology and engineering.

Fort Worth, TX  – The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company introduced a new line of Equalizer II forged wedges today; wedges the Company touts as their best-performing wedges ever.  Equalizer II wedges continue the Hogan tradition of clean, classic and elegant styling and have been engineered to provide exceptional performance around the greens to help lower scores.

“We found that most golfers don’t spend nearly as much time, effort and energy selecting their wedges as they do, say, their driver or irons,” said Scott White, President and CEO of Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company.  “That is an oversight and can lead to many lost shots and higher scores.  With the Equalizer II line, we’ve tried to simplify the selection process and develop the best-performing and best-feeling wedges in the game.”

As with all Ben Hogan irons and wedges, Equalizer II forged wedges are forged from soft 1025 carbon steel to provide feel and feedback that investment cast wedges simply cannot.  The size of the clubhead has been enlarged slightly from previous generations of Equalizer wedges to provide a larger effective hitting area.  Most importantly, discretionary weight from the perimeter of the clubhead has been removed allowing Ben Hogan club designers to optimize the progressive Center of Mass.

“The vast majority of wedges on the market today simply load as much weight as possible near the sole to create very high and uncontrollable trajectories,” continued White.  “With Equalizer II wedges, we’ve managed to reposition more weight than ever before at different, precise locations in the various wedges to maximize performance.  In the lower-lofted gap wedges, the Center of Mass is located much higher on the face to create more penetrating, controllable trajectories.  Then it moves lower in the sand and lob wedges to provide progressively higher trajectories.  It’s a simple concept, but one that is very difficult to execute from a design and manufacturing standpoint.”

Ben Hogan Golf Equalizer II Forged Wedges
Ben Hogan Golf Equalizer II Forged Wedges

Equalizer II forged wedges incorporate a modified and improved version of the Company’s proprietary V-SOLE® technology which combines a high-bounce leading edge with a lower-bounce trailing edge.  This creates exceptional turf interaction and minimizes the impact that side hill or downhill lies have on loft.  Additionally, select certain lofts (50 / 54 / 58) of the Equalizer II wedges will be available with a special “Texas Grind” sole.

“The Texas Grind sole was inspired by some of the better players in our office and around Fort Worth,” stated White.  “They play in Texas’ windy and dry conditions which tends to create very hard fairways.  The Texas Grind incorporates extreme toe and heel relief making it extremely easy to pick shots clean off tight lies and allows the clubhead to be laid wide open to virtually eliminate chunked shots.”

Right-handed Ben Hogan Equalizer II forged wedges will be available in even numbered lofts from 48 through 62 degrees in both traditional nickel-chrome and Diamond Black Metal (DBM) finishes.  Left-handed models will be limited to 50 / 54/ 58 degree lofts with the nickel-chrome finish only.  Likewise, the Texas Grind sole will be limited to right-handed 50 / 54 / 58 degree lofts with nickel-chrome finish.

The Equalizer II Forged Wedges are priced at $125.00 each for those with the nickel-chrome finish, and $130.00 each for the Diamond Black Metal finish and are available online at

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