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Thailand is leading the way by providing a safe product for tourism and golf in Asia.

For many years golf tourism has been extremely important to the economy of Thailand and with its Capital City of Bangkok welcoming more visitors than any other city in the world you can bet that making Thailand the safest destinations for visitors is of utmost importance to the Thai Government and in particular the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

TAT has focused on making Thailand’s tourism product safe for visitors who want to golf in Asia through the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA). Tanes Petsuwan, the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Deputy Governor for Marketing & Communications has stated that “Well over 50% of all major tourism establishments including hotels, resorts, golf courses, restaurants, and other attractions have already qualified for SHA Certification and the remainder are in going through the certification process at the moment which also includes on-site inspections.”

Golf in Asia
Golf in Asia

According to Tanes, the golf industry as a whole is in line with the tourism industry with about half of all golf clubs and golf facilities having already received their SHA Certification. All golf clubs were quick to implement safety measures because of the high demand for local play that we have experienced throughout the past few months.

Thailand is focusing on testing and tracing, so most golf courses require players first to have a temperature check before they are given a ‘Health Kit’ in a clear recyclable bag. The health kit usually includes a mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, and a Covid-19 safety guide for golf. If not already known to the golf club, personal details are taken and every player is required to download personal tracking software if they do not already have this app on their smartphone. All changing rooms, toilets, and showers are managed in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s strict guidelines, as are all public areas of the clubhouse.

The actual experience of playing golf in Asia is fantastic as the courses are in great condition and the caddies have all been extensively trained on the new operational guidelines. In each golf cart, there is usually one player and one caddy with a curtain between the two.

Thailand is very proud of the COVID controls and the cooperation shown by its residents to control the virus. That has not gone unnoticed. Recently World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated, “Thailand is an excellent example that, with a whole-of-government, whole-of-society, comprehensive approach, this virus can be contained — even without a vaccine.”

Many are feeling that things are getting very close to normal life.

Asked about the future of International travel and golf in Asia, Tanes went on to say, “It is important to maintain the health of our nation and to ensure that international visitors when they do return, have both a safe and amazing experience.

The best-case scenario would see some international travel return now, in the 4th Quarter of 2020, with the 2nd Quarter of 2021 currently envisaged as the worst-case scenario. Whenever it happens, Thailand will be ready!”

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