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A Golf Posture Exercise

This golf posture exercise will help to correct one of the biggest swing faults that I find whenever I watch one of my students or my golfers out on the range and we’re looking at how the body is moving throughout the swing.

What happens is the arms go too fast, the hips go too fast, and there’s no sequencing.

So, here’s a little tip, an idea that you can do before you play while you’re on the first tee, while you’re making the turn, or even near the very end when you’re tired on number 18 and you feel like you’re just coming out of your swing, losing posture, etc.

So, I’m going to grab my driver here and what I want you to do is you going to take this driver and you’re going to put it right behind your shoulders.

Get into your stance. And what I would recommend is go ahead and get in front of a mirror if you’re going to try this at home.

You’re going to put the club right behind your shoulders and then you’re going to come back into a backswing very slowly, and you’re going to try to keep the angle of your shoulders and the club right in that slot, right in that playing slot.

The end of my club is aiming down to my ball, my imaginary ball and I can feel that I’m really loading that right hip and I’m just going to very slowly coming back to center.

It should be the same on the other side.

In golf, we tend to tighten up anyway, don’t we?

So get into the address position,  and begin going just back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

If my ball is here in front of me,

Let’s take all the thinking out of the golf swing and get a feel for the club behind the back, and do quick little rotations, about ten times.

Get those hips going. It’s going to make your game even better every single time.

For that exercise and more, go ahead, and visit my website

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Mindi Boysen

Mindi Boysen, TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Level III certified Golf Fitness Specialist and owner of “Fit For Golf! Fit For Life!”, is an internationally recognized golf fitness professional with 28 years of experience. She is also a nationally certified Lifestyle/Weight Management Consultant and personal trainer who specializes in functional, Pilates-based and sport-specific training. She currently is endorsed by multiple private golf clubs in North Phoenix/Scottsdale and was the Official Fitness Partner of the Arizona Women’s Golf Association for 10 years.

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