Golf Pride Pro Only Putter Grip Cord Series

Golf Pride Pro Only Putter Grip Cord Series features a proprietary rubber compound and cord while delivering a more responsive feel and feedback.

PINEHURST, NC – Golf Pride, an industry leader in swing grip and putting grip innovation, announced today it is expanding its popular PRO ONLY putter grip family with the CORD Series.  The all-new PRO ONLY CORD assortment delivers an enhanced tactile feel, providing more feedback in concert with Golf Pride’s high-performance rubber-compound material in 3 Tour-optimized shapes and sizes. Discerning players will appreciate how the grips’ cord-plus-rubber combination delivers a more responsive feel on the greens.

The new PRO ONLY CORD series builds on the trusted Tour preferred shapes and sizes originally introduced in 2019 that allowed amateur golfers of all levels better feedback and feel which is critical for repeatable distance control, and proven to be the choice of the games most confident putters.

“The most consistent players on the green, understand the importance of feel and its connection to a successful putting stroke,” said Bruce Miller, product manager, Golf Pride. “The PRO ONLY family really facilitates players realizing improved feel and feedback in their putting, allowing them to roll the ball with better speed control and more confidence.  With PRO ONLY CORD, we have maximized those attributes, with our cord technology delivering even greater levels of tactile feedback with every stroke.”

The Golf Pride PRO ONLY CORD series putter grips will be available in the same popular three sizes and shapes as the Golf Pride PRO ONLY original line-up. Those selections include:


  • Modernized horseshoe shape with an arched paddle front.
  • Slight pistol kick in the back.
  • 72 cc size and 74.5g weight.

PRO ONLY Blue Star

  • Angled profile with a wide, flat paddle front.
  • Angled back shape.
  • 81 cc size and 82g weight.

PRO ONLY Green Star

  • Oval shape with an arched paddle.
  • Slight upper hand flared back.
  • 88 cc size and 86.5g weight.

The Golf Pride PRO ONLY CORD series will hit retail on October 1, 2020, with a price point of $19.99 per grip. 

For more information on the PRO ONLY CORD collection and the entire Golf Pride 2020 product offering, visit

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