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Looking to build up more power and speed in your golf swing then try this heavy ball exercise using a medicine ball.

Do you want power in your swing then consider this one formula; strength plus speed equals power.

Normally were born with one or the other or just like the combination of the two. if you were born being a little bit more speedy then you like to work on your speed because it makes you feel successful. If you’re born maybe with a little more strength but you’re not that fast then you like to work on your strength.

The problem is it doesn’t work when you go to the golf course you need to work on your weaknesses. You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Do you want to get more power then here you go you’re going to get a medicine ball and you’re going to get a heavy one. We’re going to work on our strength and our speed at the same time to get maximum power in our golf swing with this heavy ball exercise

Heavy Ball Exercise

  • Your going to bring the ball over your head
  • Use a 10lb ball but if you like you can use a 20lb ball
  • Bend your hips slightly
  • Lift it over your head and then throw it to the ground

What is happening is you’re transferring the energy through your core and your core is the part of your body that transfers the energy from your legs to your upper body through your swing.

Now add a little rotation to it.

You do so by turning your upper body and then throw the ball.

Turn the other and do the same thing.

The heavier the ball the more strength you’re going to build. The faster you do it the more speed you’re going to build. And trust me you will see it in your swing.

Strength plus speed equals power.

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Mindi Boysen

Mindi Boysen, TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Level III certified Golf Fitness Specialist and owner of “Fit For Golf! Fit For Life!”, is an internationally recognized golf fitness professional with 28 years of experience. She is also a nationally certified Lifestyle/Weight Management Consultant and personal trainer who specializes in functional, Pilates-based and sport-specific training. She currently is endorsed by multiple private golf clubs in North Phoenix/Scottsdale and was the Official Fitness Partner of the Arizona Women’s Golf Association for 10 years.

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