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Hitting from a downhill lie in golf requires a good understanding of ball position and shoulder angle to execute the shot properly

We’re at the Mid South Club in the Sandhills of North Carolina and as the name says we have quite a few Hills in our area so whether you’re playing Mid-South another course around here chances are you going to come across when these down here lies during your round. The first thing we have to do is change your set up. Instead of playing the ball in the middle of my stance like we normally would with a 7-iron I’m going to play that ball back but an inch or two in my stance. The next thing you want to do is you’re going to put your hands a little further ahead than they normally are for a regular shot. Then you will align your shoulders with the angle of the hill. And finally, you’re going to have to aim just a little bit left of the target.

How To Hit The Downhill Lie Shot

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Dean is the Director of Golf at The Mid South Club in Southern Pines, North Carolina. He’s an admitted “cheesehead,” but Dean Allgeyer has learned to love the climate of the Sandhills as much as he does the snow and the Green Bay Packers of Wisconsin.

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