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Hitting From a Downhill Lie

Today, I’m going to show you the proper technique for hitting from a downhill lie. Unlike what most people think in Florida, we actually do have some hills. And I found myself here after my tee shot with a downhill lie about 150 yards from the pin.

I’m going to show you how to hit this shot. The first thing that’s important to do is to pick the correct club for this shot. You have to understand that when hitting from a downhill lie, the ball is going to come out very low. And once it hits the ground, it’s going to run for a bit. So your best bet is to use a club with a little bit more life.

Once you’ve selected your club, you want to take your stance with a stance. You want to ensure that the ball is played in the back of your stance near your back foot. You want to grip down on the club and tilt your shoulders so that you’re parallel with the slope. This gives your brain the illusion that you’re actually standing on an even lie.

Once you’ve set your stance up, all that’s left to do is make a swing that follows the slope you’re standing on.

That’s how you hit the downhill lie shot in. Quick recap. Club selection. The first thing you do is find a club with a little bit more loft and choke down on it. Put the ball in the back of your stance, tilt your shoulders to be parallel with the slope and make an easy swing that follows the slope. That’s how you hit the downhill shot.

About Rob Herring

Rob Herring is a PGA Professional in Wellington, Florida. He has worked at the award-winning Wycliffe Golf & Country Club, as well as other South Florida golf clubs.

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