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Hitting from a downhill lie is probably the most difficult sloping lie for amateur golfers.

The general consensus is of all the shots played from uneven lies, the downhill lie shot may be the most difficult and challenging.

The reason why; your two feet and the ball all are on different levels of the ground.

Another reason; the loft of the club is reduced, which means the ball will fly on a lower trajectory.

To preform this shot correctly you will need to transfer your weight correctly within the process of the golf swing.

Hitting From A Downhill Lie

Here are the key objectives

  • Position the ball back a bit in your stance
  • Take a wider stance
  • Match your shoulders with the the slope of hill
  • Take one less club

About Joel Rasho

Joel Rasho is the first assistant and tournaments director at The Founders Club in Sarasota, Florida.

Rasho is a Michigan native, who joined The Founders Club staff in 2013 after seven years at a Sarasota golf resort.

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