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Hitting From A Waste Area

Hello, everybody. My name is Jeff Tallman. I’m the director of golf here at Musgrove Mill Golf Club a McConnell Golf property. And the Tip of the Day today is hitting from a waste area, especially out here at Musgrove. As those people that play here, know we’ve got about 12 waste areas around the 18 holes of golf.

And the tough thing about hitting from a waste area is you got different consistencies in the sand. You’ve got hard pan you’ve got fluffy sand. And the key thing when hitting from a waste area is you can take the rocks out. You don’t have to hit the rocks and when you get set up, the most important thing is the equipment that you have.

You don’t want a club that’s got too much bounce when hitting from a waste area.  Bounce on these wedges nowadays go from about four degrees to 12 degrees. So, a 12-degree bounce in this tight waist area is not going to help you. You’re going to swing out. And this is the question that we get how do we play the shot of hitting from a waste area? So, the important thing is that you do have the correct club.

Hitting From A Waste Area

So right here the loft doesn’t matter that much, but the bounce matters. This is a 60-degree wedge with seven degrees of bounce on it. So, when hitting from a waste area as I set up to it, the other thing that I can do is I can take a practice swing, no penalty for that. So, as I set up, I want this club to be square, I don’t want to open it up because that adds bounce to the club.

I want to set it up square behind the golf ball by the middle of your stance and let the club dig just like that.

Best of luck on your next shot hitting from a waste waist area here at Musgrove Mill Golf Club.

About Jeff Tallman

When Jeff Tallman was in Junior High School, his mother would often drop him off for the day at a golf course. “If it was sunny and summertime, I’d be out there,” he recalls. “I loved every minute.”

Years later, Tallman still gets a thrill out of spending his days on the golf course. But as the Director of Golf at Musgrove Mill Golf Club, actual golf is just a portion of his job. In addition to running the day-to-day operations of the club, he works to make guests feel like family, spending time with each group that comes to play.

Tallman got into the golf business out of school, starting at a couple of clubs in Indiana. After he married, he moved to Augusta, Georgia and worked as an assistant golf pro. A few years later, a position opened at Musgrove Mill Golf Club. The Tallmans, who had an eight-month-old at the time, saw great appeal in Clinton, South Carolina’s tight-knit community and soon made the move.

“Musgrove Mill’s intimate setting helps us stand out,” Tallman says. “We really take the opportunity to connect with our members.”

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