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When it comes to hitting the knockdown shot it is all about your stance, swing length, follow-through, and club selection.

The knockdown shot is essentially another term for “punch shot”. Recreational golfers can think of the terms as interchangeable.

The knockdown shot is typically played with the ball farther back in the golfer’s stance, with a shorter backswing and shorter follow-through, and using a club with less loft.

Knowing how to hit the knockdown shot is essential, especially if you are playing in windy conditions.

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About Kevyn Cunningham

Born in Bedford, England, Kevyn Cunningham has over 30 years of experience in the golf industry. Kevyn played successfully as an amateur before turning Professional and studying under the legendary Eddie Bullock, a former Captain of the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA).

At an early stage in his career Kevyn took up the position of Head Professional at Velden Golf Club in Austria before moving to eastern Austria in 1991 as Head Professional at Bad Tatzmandorf Golf Club.

It was at this time that Kevyn started his career with The David Leadbetter Golf Academies, quickly rising through the ranks to become Director of Instruction at several Academies. His time with the Leadbetter Organisation took him to Berlin, New York, Korea, Colorado, Mexico, Austria, Orlando, amongst other places.

Based in Jamaica since 1997, Kevyn headed The Leadbetter Academy at Half Moon in the late nineties before returning to the resort in August 2019 to assume the role of Director of Golf.

His knowledge of the resort and understanding of Caribbean golf made this a perfect fit for both Half Moon and Kevyn as he focuses on expanding the teaching program for visitors and locals alike.

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