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How to control pitch shots and improve your scores.

How to control pitch shots is vital to lowering your scores in golf. So, today, I’m going to give you a few tips about how to hit a better shot and control your distance with those pitch shots.

When you’re practicing hitting a pitch shot, you want to hit the ball in the middle to the forward part of your stance. You want to get about 70% of your weight on your front foot. Also want to be sure to keep your hands in front of the ball. That’s the proper setup.

Once we get set up correctly, we want to work on taking the right distance in our stroke to hit the right distance shot.

So for me, hitting a shot about 30 yards is going to require me to get my hands waist-high to waist-high. It’s very important when hitting this pitch shot that you keep your body turning toward the target. I always like to tell all my students, that no matter what distance the shot keep their chest turning toward the target throughout the shot.

To practice, I recommend setting up four targets. 30 to 60 yards is a great way to practice your pitch shots on the range. I’m going to get the ball just off my left heel about 70% of my way forward. I’m going to turn waist-high to waist-high.

If I want to increase that pitch shot and hit something a little bit further, say out to about 40 yards, I would want to take a swing from waist-high to just about shoulder-high in the front swing.

If I wanted to go all the way to 60 yards I would increase that using the same mechanics and the same setup.

So ball off left heel about 70% of my weight will stay on my left foot throughout the swing and for 60 yards I’m going to go shoulder high to shoulder high. This is an awkward distance on the golf course, so it’s very important that you work toward getting these right.

If you practice this drill and get your yardage is correct, it will help you a lot on the golf course and help you lower your scores.

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About Chris Molder

Chris Moulder is the Director of Golf at Horseshoe Bend Country Club in Roswell, Georgia.

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