Penny Hammel

LPGA standout Penny Hammel shows you how to develop a putting routine.

Today we are going to talk about developing a putting routine.

I’m going to go over a couple things that I do whenever I’m setting up for a putt and hopefully this will help you.

First and foremost I look at the green. I try to see which is which side of the green is higher. And I look to see how
much higher it is. Then I’ll go to the low side of the hole and I’ll try to figure out how much it’s going to break. How much I have to play it on the high side to get it to the hole.

When I step up to the putt obviously I’m looking to make it if I don’t make it I want to get it within a foot or two so I can make the next cut coming back.

Having a putting routine you use over and over again will help to build confidence on the green and lower your scores.

Putting Routine

About Penny Hammel

Hammel was born in Decatur, Illinois. She won several amateur tournaments including the 1979 U.S. Girls’ Junior. In the 1979 PGA Junior Championship, she finished five strokes ahead of her closest opponent.

As a member of the University of Miami women’s golf team, Hammel won the 1983 NCAA Women’s Golf Championship, and her team won the title in 1984.

She was a 1983-84 All-American and a member of the 1984 U.S. Curtis Cup team. In 1983, she won the Broderick Award (now the Honda Sports Award) as the nation’s best female collegiate golfer.

Hammel turned professional in 1984 and played on the Futures Tour, winning four times. She was named the Player of the Year.

Hammel joined the LPGA tour in 1985 and won the Rolex Rookie of the Year award. She eventually went on to win a total of four victories on the Tour during her career.

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