Mark Blackburn

Mark Blackburn demonstrates how to eliminate the slice in golf.

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about how to eliminate the slice. That’s probably the most common miss for golfers and it’s the thing that really frustrates and perturbs the golfer. It’s really pretty easy to remedy, but a lot of times people don’t quite understand why they are actually slicing, so then they really struggle to fix it.

How To Eliminate The Slice

About Mark Blackburn

Mark Blackburn is the Director of Instruction and founder of The Blackburn Golf Academy at Greystone Country Club in Birmingham, AL. Originally from England, Mark captained the golf team at The University of Southern Mississippi, where he earned a BS in Coaching. While playing professionally, inconsistencies and injury led him to question traditional golf teaching. From that exploration, Mark developed a teaching theory that embraces a holistic sports science approach, recognizing that there is no single solution for all golfers.

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