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How To Hit a High Pitch Shot

Today I will show you how to hit a high pitch shot after you’ve short-sighted yourself from around the green.

Off of these tight Bermuda lies here in South Florida. We need to do a couple of the following things. In order to be successful in hitting a high pitch shot, we need to use the balance of the club to interact with the turf.

So, the balance of the club or the soul of the club would be the bottom of our wedge here. We do not want to have the leading edge interacting with the turf at all. So, the best way to do that is to feel as you’re making your practice swings, that you feel the club interacting with the turf, with the bottom of the club.

So, to set up to hit a high pitch shot like that, I’m going to get relatively close to the ball my hands, my hand position is going to be pretty upright. The shaft is going to stand more vertical than normal. The ball position will be center, or it could be slightly forward depending on how high you want to hit your shot.

As you take the club back, we’re going to have very little wrist hinge, but we will have the toe of the club lookup in the air. Now, the reason for this is the more we get that toe of the club in the air, the more exposure to the soul or the balance of the club we are going to have through impact.

The last piece of the process to hit the high pitch shot, we want to imagine that when we get back to the ball that the shaft is pretty much straight up and down. We don’t want to have too much lean because that will dwarf the club. And then also expose the leading edge to the turf.

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About Mason Colling, PGA

Mason is the Director of Golf at Lost City Golf Club in Atlantis, Florida. Prior to that, he was the Head Golf Professional at Old Marsh Golf Club Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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