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You need to have a little bit of a plan on how to practice at golf when you come out to the range.

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about how to practice at golf.

How To Practice At Golf
How To Practice At Golf

Most players come out start hitting golf balls and they rake another one over trying to fix the last shot with the next ball. I’d like for you to have a little bit of a plan when you come out.

How To Practice

How to practice at golf starts by setting up a couple of things to help you. First and foremost we’re going to lay a club down even with our golf ball. The next thing we’re going to try to do is our job number one in practice; ball first contact.

Try to make some swings where we’re focusing on catching the golf ball first. Making sure you have made a divot on the forward side each and every time.

Now focus on starting our ball through window by starting it on a desired target line and you can do so by setting up 2 alignment rods about 10 yards in front you.

After making ball first contact start to focus on hitting it through the window. Do this and then take it to the golf course and you’ll find yourself making solid contact each and every time.

About Jason Baile

Jason Baile grew up in Jacksonville, NC. He attended East Carolina University and Greensboro College where he played on the nationally ranked Greensboro College golf team. Jason started in the golf business right after college and has served several high-end clubs in the southeast including, Raleigh Country Club as Director of Golf and Director of Instruction at both Old North State and Kinloch Golf Club.

Jason is a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Professional Level 3 in both screening the body for golf and golf mechanics. Jason has also been trained in laser optics putting and is TrackMan Certified Level 2 as well as Swing Catalyst Certified Level 2 in Biomechanics. Jason was also selected as the PGA HHI Chapter Carolinas Section Teacher of the Year in 2016 and is listed by Golf Digest as a “Best in State” Instructor. In addition to these honors, Jason is one of only 28 Swing Catalyst Ambassadors found worldwide for his knowledge of ground force reaction and bio-swing dynamics concepts.

For more practice tips visit At The Range.

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