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A contact drill on how you improve your ball striking.

How improve your ball striking.

We see a lot on the range when we’re teaching our students that the ball contact just isn’t solid. And you’re not getting the distance that you should.

That comes from more than likely a lack of shaft lean into the ball. To improve that I’m going to give you two simple drills to help you square the face, hit the ball lower, and more solid.

The first drill is just a pure shaft. Lean drill where you put the ball off your right toe and this helps you feel that shaft lean.

So what you want to do is get lined up here put your left hand on the club if you’re a right-handed golfer over your left knee. We’re going to really try and get that shaft lean happening. So you get an almost 45-degree angle on the shaft. You’re going to take nice small hammer-like strokes. So if I’m swinging a hammer, it’s going to be kind of a whipping motion to get the most out of it.

How To Improve Your Ball Striking

So we’re going to take it back just a little bit. We’re going to feel this motion and we’re going to hold and turn down the face. If you can see the face is turned down towards the golf ball, that’s how you get solid contact.

We want to see the ball come out low and we want to see it go left, if anything.

So I turn the face down, the ball came out left and went very low.

You should probably do three or four or five of those in order to get the feel. But you really want the club coming down into the ground and stopping abruptly. You don’t want to fall finished.

Once you get that down, I would expand a little bit. I would still have it back in your stance, and I would do a half backswing, maybe two-thirds. And I really want you to work on getting that shaft and get your hands way ahead and really turning down that shaft towards a ball.

Turn it down. And I want you to do an abrupt stop. So the club should not go any further than that.

I hope that improves your ball striking and contact and you hit the ball further.

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Josh grew up in upstate New York in the Finger Lakes Region. Josh began his love for the game of golf through Junior Golf Tours and High School Golf Teams. He attended Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina completing a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Professional Golf Management.

Josh was formerly at Cherry Hills Country Club and Colorado Golf Club near Denver, as an assistant at Okemo Valley in Vermont and as an assistant at Idle Hour Country Club in Georgia. Josh is currently at Addison Reserve Country Club in Delray Beach, Florida.

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