Intermediate Golf Shots

These intermediate golf swings can be quite useful, provided you use the correct set-up, along with the right back-swing and follow-through.

Intermediate Golf Swings
Intermediate Golf Swings

There are times during a round of golf where you don’t need to make a full swing, such as an approach into a par five where you are 50 – 75 yards from the flag.

Intermediate Golf Swings

About Karen Sherman-Lavin, LPGA

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Karen has an Associate’s Degree in Business Management and a Bachelors’ Degree in History from Florida Atlantic University. Karen began playing golf at age 14 and was immediately hooked. It was then that her goal quickly focused on becoming a professional golfer.

In the late ’80s, Karen moved to Delray Beach, Florida to pursue her golf career. She played the Futures Tour for two years before changing her career direction to becoming a golf professional instead of a professional golfer. She joined the PGA of America and was fortunate to work for several top-rated clubs receiving invaluable experience. “What started as a dream of a little girl became a reality with my employment at Addison Reserve as Director of Golf.”

About Kevin Baldizar, PGA

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Kevin began to play competitive golf at the age of 15. He attended Penn State University, graduated in 2001 from the Professional Golf Management Program and was mentored by 2 top 100 PGA Instructors.

Since being elected to PGA membership in 2002, Kevin has remained in Florida. Kevin worked at The Breakers Palm Beach and Polo Club Boca Raton before arriving at Addison Reserve in 2006.

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