Indi Golf TT Wedges

Indi Golf updates its high-spinning, premium TT Wedges on the success of its first conforming wedge model.

Carlsbad, CA  – Indi Golf, designer and manufacturer of high-performance golf clubs, announces the launch of newly redesigned conforming TT wedges for the new golf season.  Building on the legendary performance and forgiveness of the original TT wedges, Indi Golf is proud to release the second generation for 2021.  The same innovative thinking and relentless attention to detail power the new TT wedge to achieve even better results for golfers of any ability.

TT Wedges
TT Wedges

The innovative features that made TT great are back with several key improvements.  Firstly, players will notice better spin and control on finesse shots thanks to the new Orbit Mill face texture that enhances traction on the ball at impact.  Indi’s already industry-leading backspin is even better with Orbit Mill.  Second, the back of the club sports a clean refresh of the design that creates a timeless aesthetic that looks great in anyone’s bag.  Third, the shaft and grip are upgraded to a Dynamic Gold 120 and Lamkin Corssline 360 combination that matches ideally with the feel and swing characteristics of the head.

Those updates combine with the groundbreaking features like TractionFace grooves, ScoopBack perimeter weighting, optimized hosel length, and the Colossal Sweet Spot that give TT the “Biggest Bite in Golf.”

“The new TT is a culmination of all we learned from the past three years, as well as the painstaking development and testing regimen that goes into all Indi Golf products,” explained Rob Lang, President of Indi Golf.  “With the new Orbit Mill face texture TT adds spin to finesse shots and is such a joy to hit.  Now it also looks as refined aesthetically as its performance and forgiveness demands.  We know everyone will fall in love with this wedge at the first swing, or we’ll refund their money.”

TT is available in FLX and ATK grinds in 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees.  The stock shaft options are Dynamic Gold 120 in R300 and S300 flex, and Miyama Recoil graphite in F2, F3, and F4 Flex.  The Lamkin Crossline 360 grip completes the stock club build by putting a great feel into a player’s hands.  Customization options are available to suit all swing types, as well as shaft and grip preference.  TT wedges conform to the rules of golf.  Also, see the offering of Indi Golf’s SR wedges that do not conform to the rules of golf.

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Howard Flanagan

Howard's love for the game started when he was 9, growing up in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State. Unfortunately for him he was left-handed and the only clubs in his parent's household were right-handed, so he had to learn the game from a different perspective. Throughout his golfing life Howard has been a member at several private clubs around the U.S. and in the Caribbean, but really enjoys the game when it is played on an unheralded muni course, just about anywhere.

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