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Club designer Terry Koehler says Edison Forged Wedges are his work to date

How much do you think you really know about wedges and their design?  Did you know “smash factor” is just as important to your wedges as to your driver?  Do you realize that wedges – by design – don’t really “want” to spin the ball efficiently?

Terry Koehler has been designing wedges for over 30 years, and he has put all the top brands of ‘tour design’ wedges through repeated batteries of robotic testing . . . so he does know these things.  He has also analyzed over 50,000 online wedge fitting profiles and had thousands of one-on-one conversations with amateur golfers, so he has also learned that 80% of golfers have the same challenges with their wedge play– poor distance control, insufficient spin and excessively high ball flight.

What Terry Koehler knows that you probably don’t, is that all these things are built into your ‘tour design’ wedges.

“I’ve been testing wedges on Iron Byron for nearly 25 years,” explains Koehler.  “And I keep seeing the same things over and over and over.  The challenges that most golfers tell me they have are actually “built in” to the traditional design of wedges.  I have the data to prove it.”

Koehler likes to point out how your wedges are more like your driver than your 9-iron.  We all know driver designers have relentlessly pursued a higher launch angle with lower spin in the constant pursuit of distance.  They’ve done that by moving weight as low in the clubhead as possible.  What Koehler makes you realize is that this is exactly where the mass is concentrated in all conventional wedges, so by design they will want to do the same thing – launch high with minimal spin.

Koehler has been challenging “conventional wisdom” about wedge design for over 30 years.  His early designs for Merit Golf and Reid Lockhart had a thicker upper half of the clubhead than any wedges before or since.  His SCOR wedges of 2010 were the first to introduce progressive weighting in wedges, with an even higher distribution of mass.  And his TK15 wedges for Ben Hogan continued that path.

After trying retirement from Ben Hogan in 2016, Koehler’s creative juices started flowing again, and two years of development and testing led to the creation of the Edison Forged wedges and a new company, Edison Golf.

The Edison Forged wedges “are my best work yet”, proclaims Koehler.

“This design addresses all the performance deficiencies of conventional ‘tour design’ wedges,” explains Koehler.  “The mass is more evenly distributed and higher on the clubhead, which improves the smash factor and gear effect dramatically.  What that means for golfers is dramatically more forgiveness, meaning better distance from those high-face and toe mishits, and spin like you can’t believe.

“And this variation on my “Koehler Sole”, which I patented in 1994, is the best yet.  There are very few lies or swing paths it can’t handle, which is necessary because both of those variables are constantly changing from shot to shot.”

Edison Golf began custom building and shipping their wedges in April, a crazy time to be launching a new equipment company, but they report their sales are doubling every month.

“History proves that superior performance will always win the day,” says Koehler.  “The Ping® Anser®, metalwoods, Big Bertha®, cavity back irons, graphite shafts, big mallet putters . . . the list goes on and on.  The question I’ve been asking for 30 years is, ‘why have wedges never experienced this kind of technological upheaval?’  It’s way past time.”

The Edison Forged wedges are custom-crafted for each golfer, and are available with a wide range of shafts and grip options through the company’s website at www.EdisonWedges.com.  The Edison WedgeFit™ online fitting analysis helps golfers determine exactly what set make-up of Edison Forged wedges are right for your game.

The Edison Forged wedges retail for $179 with KBS Tour steel shafts, $194 with KBS Tour Graphite shafts; premium GolfPride MCC+4 grips are standard.  Driven by the proven performance, the line includes lofts in odd numbers from 45 to 63 degrees.  There is no charge for loft adjustments, nor for length, lie and swingweight alterations.  Every wedge is also backed by an unprecedented Performance Guarantee.  The Company will let you play your Edison Forged wedges for up to 30 days to see how they will improve your game; if you don’t agree, you can return them, and Edison Golf will replace them with any other wedges on the market you think you would like better, and even send you back the change if the replacement wedges cost less than the Edison wedges.

“Very simply, the Edison Forged wedges were designed to improve scoring range performance for golfers of any skill level,” proclaims Koehler.  “No other wedges come close to these in bringing forgiveness to a category not known for it.”

About Edison Golf

Edison Golf Company was formed in early 2018 to provide a platform for development of the Edison Forged wedges. Several rounds of prototypes were tested for nearly two years before the design was judged market ready. The prototypes and final production designs have been subjected to multiple rounds of independent robotic testing and live golfer reviews to prove every claim the Company makes about them. All Edison Forged wedges will be custom-built to order for each customer, from the Company’s assembly and shipping operations center in Fort Worth, Texas.

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