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Practice With a Purpose

We’re here today to do our Tip of the Week.

But my tip is not from a swing perspective, but from a practice perspective. And to find out how far you hit each golf club in your bag, so that you’re comfortable making those swings and scoring better and not worrying about how far I should hit my driver, or how far should I hit my six iron.

My seven iron comfortably goes 158 or 159 yards.

I don’t know how far Jason Day’s goes, but on TV, they tell me it goes 185 or 200.

Jordan Spieth hits his further than me, too. But if I’m going to score and compete with guys like that, I need to know how far I hit my club and want you to practice with a purpose to find your comfortable swing.

My comfortable swing with a seven iron is about 150 to 159 yards. So I want to come practice that comfortable swing and I want to keep practicing that pace and that swing when I’m out here on the driving range.

These practice balls say practice for a reason. We’re here to practice and practice with a purpose. You’re not here to beat balls or go 100 miles an hour and you don’t want to hit every shot as hard as you can.

You want to make it a comfortable swing so that you’ve got a little bit left in the tank when you want to hit one a little bit harder if you need two or three more extra yards.

What I want to see you do is to go out on the driving range. Use a range finder. Your range is usually measured and find out how far you hit each club in your bag.

Make that comfortable swing and practice that comfortable swing. You want to practice with a purpose with a swing that feels like 85 or 90% of your full swing so that you know how far that swing goes, every time you get on the golf course. So, if you know those distances, you’re going to score better.

So, to help yourself score better, find out your distances.

About Clark Spratlin

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Clark Spratlin is in his 21st year as a PGA Professional. Clark played collegiately at the University of Georgia and Columbus State University. After spending three years playing golf for a living; [Clark is quick to add, it’s not really a living if you don’t earn any money], Clark pursued opportunities as a PGA Professional. He worked at private Clubs in Atlanta including the Atlanta Country Club and as the Head Professional at Atlanta National Golf Club for over 7 years. Clark then worked in Blue Ridge, GA as the Director of Golf for a development course much like Currahee Club.

Clark is an outstanding player and one of his keys fortes is teaching. He is the recipient of the 2011 Gregg Wolff Award from the Georgia PGA Section for the low stroke average for the year, finishing with a stroke average of 69.3 over 16 stroke-play rounds.

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