Saintnine UPRO Golf Ball

Saintnine U-PRO Golf Ball by Nexen is made of high-performance 2-piece urethane offering accuracy and distance.

Santa Fe Springs, CA – Saintnine America introduces the latest addition to its 2020 golf ball line, the UPRO.  The UPRO is the only performance 2-piece urethane ball on the market today and breaks the mold of conventional 2-piece golf balls.

Saintnine sought to develop a ball that combines the feel and spin of performance urethane with the accuracy and distance of 2-piece construction.  “We wanted a ball that felt like a tour ball, but that would perform for players of all abilities,” said Saintnine America CEO Timothy Chae. The UPRO uses a next-generation 90 compression core and wraps the core in an ultrasoft and thin performance urethane cover giving golfers the ability to not sacrifice distance or feel. 

Saintnine UPRO Golf Ball
Saintnine U-PRO Golf Ball

Each UPRO ball comes with Saintnine’s distinctive mental mates which help golfers focus and perform better.

The UPRO is available in white, yellow and pink with an MSRP of $24.99

The UPRO is available for purchase at and golf shops, golf stores, and golf etailers nationwide.

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About Saintnine

Saintnine manufactures golf balls that provide both superior technical qualities and intriguing motivational designs to help golfers play their best.  They are growing globally as a forward-thinking company offering high-quality golf balls that enhance players’ concentration.

Saintnine is owned by Nexen Tire, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.

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