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The Bump and Run is a great shot to use anytime you want to ball rolling quickly when you are around the green.

The bump and run shot are important for every golfer to master. It’s a shot that we use here a lot of Bahia Beach due to our long greens. First of all, what’s a bump and run? The bump and run is a shot that runs more on the ground than it flies in the air.

Now, to the bump and run shot, we will need a specific club. We can’t have a club that has too much loft because it’s going to get that ball in the air. We want something that has less loft so it rolls more on the ground. Right now, I have a nine iron which is there’s plenty of lofts to get the ball up in the air, but not enough loft for the ball to get going and rolling.

First, let’s discuss what the setup is for the bump and run shot. What you’re going to see is that first, we’re going to get a little closer to the ball, which is going to get that golf club more vertical. And by getting closer to the ball and more vertical thew swing becomes more like a pendulum.

So it’s a more consistent swing.

Second, when I get that ball position more to our back foot, I like to see it more inside of my right foot.

Okay, so first we get closer and second we put that ball position a little bit more back.

And third and most important part of the setup for the bump and run shot and that is our weight.

We want our way to be on our leading side more to our left foot.

What that’s going to do is going to help us keep that consistency right on the ground.

Now for our swing thought for the bump and run  shot, once we have all of our three setup keys; which is getting closer to the ball, ball position back, weight forward, I want to make a swing where the club, arms, and chest are all working together.

One final note; you need to rotate through the ball when hitting the bump and run shot.

About Juan Sierra

Juan Sierra is a 22-year-old from Puerto Rico, passionate about the game and teaching golf. In July 2016, Juan began his teaching career by becoming a TPI Instructor, in which he worked with golfers to strengthen their weaknesses for better performance in the game of golf.

Later that same year Juan enrolled in the Golf Academy of America in Orlando to gain more knowledge & teaching skills. Now, Juan is a teaching professional graduate from the GAA, and a new member of the Little Linksters golf coaches.

Currently, Juan is a golf instructor at Bahia Beach Resort and Golf Club in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

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