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After spending five years making custom bags for events and individuals Orca Golf Bags jumps into the retail fray.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Five years ago when Deborah and Erica Bennett started to design and build customized golf bags for large corporate tournaments, charities and individuals, they were comfortable in their niche and thrilled with the response they received about their unique products. During those years they were often asked by golfers and passersby if they could buy ORCA golf bags at retail. Starting today, ORCA Golf Bags can now proudly answer, “yes,” as the company launches its first line of golf bags available for individual purchase.

The new line of ORCA bags includes six styles, each with ORCA Golf Bags’ unique styling to separate it from the crowd of mass produced bags.  To further underscore the point of ORCA bags being unique, the name of each bag is related to the ORCA narrative. 

The Bennets

For the Bennetts line, the ORCA is symbolic of being strong, powerful, and unique, especially in an ocean of so many types of animals.  The line is anchored by what Chief Design Officer, Erica Bennett refers to as their signature bag,

The Apex

The Apex is a hybrid cart bag with a “hidden” stand made for the golfer who most often rides, but when practicing likes to occasionally walk and to move about the practice area to work on different parts of his or her game. The concept is new and unique to the ORCA line, thus not offered anywhere else in the US for individual purchase.  

In addition to The Apex, ORCA is introducing the following bags to its 2021 line.

  • ORCA Biggs Tour Staff bag is a full-sized premium bag modeled after the traditional PGA TOUR and LPGA staff bag and starting at $595.
  • ORCA Mini-Tour Cart bag is a premium bag that is designed for the golfer who chooses to ride and still wants a full-service bag. Retails for $455.
  • ORCA Dorsal 1 Stand bag is built for functionality, durability, and overall efficiency, and their lightest daily use carry bag weighing in at only 4.6 lbs.  Retails at $355.
  • ORCA Dorsal 2 weighs in at only 6.5 lbs. and it has a little more room than the Dorsal 1 with an extra pocket for golf’s necessities. Retails at $355.
  • ORCA Calf is a great weekend or after-work bag golf bag; small enough for Par 3 courses, walking a quick nine, for use at the practice tees, or when you one only needs a few clubs. Retails at $119.

This new line of ORCA Golf Bags is currently available online and soon to be in green grass locations. All ORCA Golf Bags are made with their reputed craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Specific information including weights, colors, and pocket configuration can be found on the website.  Custom bags for events, corporate outings, clubs, and individual personalization can be crafted by visiting www.orca-golf.com.

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Howard Flanagan

Howard's love for the game started when he was 9, growing up in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State. Unfortunately for him he was left-handed and the only clubs in his parent's household were right-handed, so he had to learn the game from a different perspective. Throughout his golfing life Howard has been a member at several private clubs around the U.S. and in the Caribbean, but really enjoys the game when it is played on an unheralded muni course, just about anywhere.

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