The Foundry Golf Club

The Foundry Clubhouse dates back to early 1800s, when four business partners had the idea to turn it into a manufactory of arms for sale to the Federal Government.

Today, some two hundred years later, the Foundry still is reminiscent of its historical & humble beginnings. The clubhouse’s understated elegance is evident as soon as one walks through the doors. From the old fashioned stone, to the hardwood floors, to the impressive view of Fine Creek, the clubhouse truly does offer a glimpse back to a simpler time.

The Foundry Amenities

The mission of The Foundry Golf Club is to provide the best possible golf experience in Virginia and promote fellowship among its members.  This mission will be accomplished by being a true golf club with a maximum of 250 members, welcoming those who share our core values of a challenging, high-quality course with uncrowded playing conditions and modest facilities, and operating in a fiscally responsible manner. 

The club is dedicated to making its atmosphere enjoyable and accessible for its members.  The course is the first priority and it will be maintained so as to preserve its original design, historical character, and natural surroundings.   

Constructed 1990 as a businessman’s retreat, and as a special place to do business and to enjoy the fruits of that business.

Membership at the club brings a wealth of opportunities both personal and professional. From the understated elegance of its clubhouse facilities to the uniquely routed championship course, the club provides a unique environment for entertaining business associates, family, and friends.

But The Foundry is also a true golfer’s club. Devoid of other amenities such as tennis and swimming, we are proud to be set apart from the “country clubs” in the greater Richmond area. On average, 10,000 rounds of golf are played annually at The Foundry. The limited play protects both the golf course and the investment of our members, while also insuring superior playing conditions year round. At The Foundry, golf is our passion and we strive to provide our members and their guests with a truly memorable experience each time they drive through the gate.

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