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Here are some basic elements to hit the greenside bunker shot.

Today we’re on the 13th hole of the Creek Course at Hammock Dunes Club, and we’re going to talk a little bit about hitting the greenside bunker shot. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot of your playing partners probably hop into the bunker, open the clubface up, and then open their feet and hip lines relative to that.

I sometimes wonder where people are trying to hit this shot.

But I got a suggestion for you when attempting to hit the greenside bunker shot. Aim the clubface to the point you want to land the ball on the green and open up your hips and your shoulders relative to that point. Effectively, that will give you more loft to get the ball up and out of the bunker and it will keep the face square to the target.

What you want to do is you when trying to hit the greenside bunker shot is to open that angle up. If you want to hit a higher, softer shot and you want to close the angle down if you want to hit the ball to a longer target.

The shot also will work in long grass around the green, and I think you’ll find it very effective.

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About Brad Myers

Brad Myers is the Director of Golf at Hammock Dunes Club. Prior to that Brad was at Congressional Country Club where he had been employed for 15 years, most recently as the Head Golf Professional. While at Congressional, Brad was instrumental in helping them achieve their ranking as one of the “Top 100 Golf Shops” in America. Early in his career, Brad was employed as an Assistant Golf professional at the Kenwood Country Club, also in Bethesda.

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