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The Knock-down Shot – knowing the proper technique on how to hit it will help you play better golf and lead to lower scores.

The Knock-down Shot

Today we’re going to talk about how to hit the knock-down shot when playing in windy conditions.

As most amateurs know we want to put the ball back in our stance and choke down a little bit.

But there are some other things that we need to take care of in order to hit a proper shot.

Our main goal with the knock-down shot is to keep that ball flighted low and not have a lot of backspin on it.

The first step is to take a little more club if you think it’s an eight iron.

Take a seven iron and choke down some more as we get set up.

We want to make sure we get the ball in the back of our stance.

The Knockdown Shot
Ball position for The Knock-down Shot

We’re going to choke down on the club a couple of inches.

However, we don’t want to get too steep on the ball to cause too much backspin.

Backspin is an issue when we’re playing into the wind.

It can cause the ball to go too high in the air and then actually cause more backspin to spin it back off the green.

So we want to keep the club very shallow.

So after we get the ball in the back of our stance, we’re going to open our stance just slightly, open it one or two inches then you normally would.

This will help shallow out our swing.

We also want to open our clubface slightly.

When we put the ball back in our stance and choke down, we have a tendency to pull or hook a lot of these knock-down and punch shots.

By opening our stance and opening the face, we’re going to help keep that ball staying straight and not going too far, left or right.

When we go to make our golf swing we want to make a very slow body rotation and not use a lot of our hands and arms.

We want to have the body control, the golf swing, and not overly hit down on the golf ball to cause too much backspin.

When we finish, we want to make sure that our hands are finishing low to help keep the ball low towards our target.

If we finish too high with our hands, that will impact more lofe on the club and therefore hit the golf ball too high.

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